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Want to run a regional hub?

We want to support a network of around 15 regional hubs around the UK throughout the week of August 5th - 9th. They're volunteer-run spaces which facilitate young people in building fun projects throughout the event.

At each hub, there will be a single Hub Leader who is the main point of contact for us. Here's what's expected from you:

  • Time

    It's the job of a Hub Leader to recruit and communicate with participants in their local area - we'll give you tools and resources to help with this, but you'll need to set aside 1-2 hours a week from January to make it happen.

  • A space

    An ideal space will be one large room with tables, chairs, power and internet enough for 15-20 people. These could be classrooms, libraries, offices or community spaces. It must be free to use and accessible from 10am - 5pm.

  • Training

    You'll be given access to our online training platform which contains resources to help you run a safe and inclusive hub. You must complete this training in full before your hub is confirmed.

  • A DBS check

    Hub Leaders will ideally need to provide an up-to-date and clean DBS check straight away. If you don't already have one, we plan to put in place mechanisms to ensure you can get one, but you must be willing to undertake this check.

  • Organising travel

    It's the job of a Hub Leader to organise travel from your hub to the finale weekend (Birmingham). You aren't expected to pay for this, but rather to share plans and ensure everyone is prepared for the trip.

  • Weekend attendance

    It's really important to us that your participants and their parents have a single point of contact for the week. For this reason, Hub Leaders must attend the finale weekend with their hub members.

We're still looking for a hub in:

London Manchester Liverpool Sheffield Nottingham Norwich Cardiff Newcastle Edinburgh Glasgow Southampton Bristol Ipswich