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Frequently Asked Questions


  • Who is the BASH Festival for?

    BASH Festival is for young developers aged between 13-17. All you need is a basic working knowledge of at least one programming language. There will be other technical young people around to help you and work with you when you get there, and mentors to support you.

  • Will you teach me to code?

    Our aim isn't to teach you how to code, but to support those people who have already learnt the basics and want support to further build on, and apply, their skills.

  • How much does it cost?

    Attending BASH Festival is free! Regional Hubs are volunteer-run, and the weekend finale will be funded by sponsors. The only exceptions to this are travelling to your Hub and the finale, week day lunches, and your own snacks.

  • What if I don't know anyone?

    That's absolutely fine! On Monday morning you'll get to know people in your Hub and possibly work with them throughout the week. If working alone is more your style - that's okay too!

  • What do I need to bring to the week?

    Your laptop, any hardware you may want to use in your project, chargers for those devices, and a packed lunch.

  • What do I need to bring to the weekend?

    Your laptop, hardware and chargers, a sleeping kit (pillow, sleeping bag and a roll mat or airbed), toiletries and a change of clothes.

  • Do I have to attend the weekend finale?

    You don't have to, but we highly recommend that you do in order to present your project, participate in our fun activities, and meet over 150 other young participants - taking your place in our national community.

  • What should I expect from the weekend?

    The weekend will start with a short science fair where you will get to show off your project. The most interesting will be selected and shown on stage in front of other participants and prizes will be awarded. After that, expect workshops, talks, music and other hands-on activities. Overnight sleeping arrangements will be indoor camping in a large hall, and Sunday will include more activities. The event will be over by 4pm, where Hubs will travel back home and the event will be over.

  • How will I get to the finale weekend venue?

    Your regional Hub will organise group travel either by train, plane, car, or coach, which you will probably have to pay for. While this is organised by your Hub Leader, you are welcome to make alternative plans separate from the Hub.

  • What child safeguarding measures do you have in place?

    Read about our safeguarding measures here.

  • Does a parent/guardian need to stay?

    No, but they're welcome to. All participants will need parental permission to attend before their space at a Hub is confirmed. Emergency details will be shared with the Underland team and your Regional Hub Leader.

  • Who's behind the BASH Festival?

    Underland are a London-based team specialising in software development, teaching people technical skills, and running specialist events. Our values are talk straight, get the job done, and don’t forget to have fun on the way.

    Regional Hubs

  • What is a Regional Hub?

    A Regional Hub is a space where 10-15 young people and 3-4 mentors will spend a week collaborating to build projects. Each Hub has is run at a university and is ideally a collaborative effort between student groups and uni outreach teams.

  • What are my responsibilities?

    First and foremost, to create a safe environment for your participants. Logistically - make sure you have a suitable, collaborative and supportive space. We'll give you all the resources you need to facilitate your Hub.

  • Will you provide training?

    Yes - through an online platform that all Hub Leaders will need to complete before their Hub is confirmed.

  • Can I charge to cover the costs of running the Hub?

    No - it's incredibly important to us that this event is free to access for participants.

  • Can Underland provide financial assistance to Hubs?

    Unfortunately we cannot contribute financially to the running of the Hubs during the week, however it might be possible for you to raise local sponsorship from local tech companies.

  • Do I need to provide food to my participants?

    It'd be great if you could but you don't have to - just make sure to communicate clearly with participants beforehand.

  • What if there's a young person aged 12 or under who wants to participate?

    Participants of BASH Festival must be at least 13 years old. If they're 18 or over, they may participate as a mentor.

  • How do I recruit participants and mentors?

    We'll provide some informational packs that you can send out to local schools and businesses to help with recruitment. All registrations will happen centrally through the BASH Festival website.

  • What do mentors need?

    Mentors will have to register centrally through the BASH Festival website, provide a clean and up-to-date DBS check (issued in the last 2 years) and complete minimal online training before their role is confirmed.

  • Must I attend the weekend part of the festival?

    As a Hub Leader, yes. It's really important that your participants and their parents have a single point of contact for the week.

  • What do I need to get started?

    Suitable space (ideally one big open room), a person to be Hub Leader with a clean and up-to-date DBS check, suitable public liability insurance and about an hour a week to dedicate in the run-up to the event.